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How to Match with Hoodie+Coat to Keep Warm and Age-reducing?(01)

Apr. 23, 2019


In winter, when it comes to inner matching, the first reaction of many fairies is sweater. It seems that there is no other choice but sweater. Actually, it is not.
That's right, a hoodie for everyone!
Black down jacket serves as the more common foundation in the winter, build inside can choose bright color or the hoodie of printing will balance, break wintry and depressing feeling.

Classic black and white match also is the combination that is not easy to make mistakes most, inside take the pullover hoodie that chooses black, tie-in little black pants, Martin boot, arrange color to show thin show tall again!The band design of scheming is quite match~

Bottom outfit still can choose to exceed knickers to match jackboot, minutes wears a day to defy the weather big long leg.

It seems difficult to control the red, with black print pullover hoodie, primary and secondary, it is not so abrupt ~

Want to reduce age more, the first choice is the down jacket of macaron color department, tie-in base money hoodie, deserve to go up jeans, Martin boot, recreational do not break youth girl feeling again ~

Want to more personality, might as well try this oversized color matching down jacket, tie-in hooded fleece, street cool girl walk up!But pay attention to the panasonic tight principle, or easy to show fat oh ~

This slim style of down jacket should be paired with a sweater to avoid being too loose or looking sloppy.

Besides tie-in pants outfit, still can mix with skirt outfit build, the down jacket of massiness and frivolous skirt can form bright contrast, deserve to go up again recreational hooded garment, modern have feminine flavour again ~

The bomber jacket over the jumper is the most photographed thing in the street.

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