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What's good about beanie hat? About pure beanie hat !

Jan. 22, 2019

Pure Beanie Hat

This style of beanie hat belongs to the color that usually won't be seen at a glance, unless it's your favorite color, or it's a popular color this year. But in terms of practicality, they must be the highest.

This kind of beanie hat has nothing special to say in collocation, just two words, all set. When buying, it is recommended to choose in three directions according to the color. The first is the skin-white color, such as sapphire blue, lemon yellow, lavender, dark green, whether you have the same color clothes and they echo, will not make a mistake.

The second is the classic color systems of terrestrial and black, white, grey and red, which are easy to match and hardly suitable for people of these colors.

The third is to choose the overall color of the clothes you usually wear. For example, recently popular red, choose this color wool cap to echo, the overall atmosphere is more.

Or like the maple leaf orange we introduced two days ago, it also belongs to the very fashionable color in autumn and winter. It looks warm and fashionable.

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