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Best Outfit Styling Tips For Men This Summer

Jun. 27, 2021

This summer many people will be looking to up their style game as they start to step out more after the COVID pandemic. However, many people may be a bit rusty when it comes to figuring out the appropriate dress code for certain occasions, so we decided to put together a few tips that should put you in the right direction.

Best Outfit Styling Tips For Men This Summer

#1. Casual


When it comes to picking out casual attire, it is the least formal etiquette and is often worn during leisure time. It is mostly about wearing outfits that emphasize on comfort, but while still looking socially appropriate. In this respect, the most common forms of casual wear will often involve a clean shirt, a polo shirt, or even a sweater with jeans, straight pants, and some nice sneakers or casual boots.


Overall, the key is to make sure everything looks with appropriate but stylish. This means making sure that your clothes fit you well, they don’t have wrinkles and they don’t have any stains. For instance, wearing oversized hoodies and/or baggy sweatpants may be too informal for this dress code. In terms of accessories, you can often accentuate your outfit by browsing around for a pair of sunglasses, some wholesale dad hats, and even some bracelets to enhance your look. Just try not to get too carried away with it as wearing too many accessories will often look like you are trying too hard.

#2. Formal


When it comes to pulling off formal attire correctly, this mostly refers to black tie events, like evening galas, weddings, formal birthdays. When attending such events men should always wear a tuxedo with a bow tie, a white shirt and some classy black leather shoes. To complete the look, you can add a neatly-folded white pocket square to your coat’s outer chest pocket. In terms of accessories, yo can pair your outfit with a wristwatch, personal necklace, or bracelets as long as your overall look remains organized and clean.

 Best Outfit Styling Tips For Men This Summer

#3. Business Casual


When it comes to business casual, this is often a mix between formal and casual wear. It is more commonly worn for holiday or weekend workdays, and usually involves wearing a button-up shirt, a formal sweater or a polo shirt and some pressed pants like khakis. Alternatively, you can lean more towards casual by putting on some hat patches customand going for that golf look. On the other hand, you can make it a bit more formal instead by popping on a suit jacket or blazer, and mix it up with some fashionable sneakers.


Always make sure not to make it too casual though. For instance, pairing a polo shirt with some light jeans is a bit too casual. However, if you pick a nice pair of dark blue denims and pair them with a dress shirt and a formal jacket, then you should be fine. Moreover, adding some accessories to spice things up never hurts. For instance, wearing a classy wristwatch or bracelet always brings a good amount of personality and vibrancy to any outfit.


General Style Tips


Before we go, we want to leave you with some general tips and useful information that should help you when getting ready for any type of event. For one, always ensure that all your clothes are the proper fit. This means ensuring that they are neither too tight or too loose. This is because even the best outfit can look in a propriety if they don’t fit the wearer well. As such, if you have recently gained or lost some weight, make sure to take a trip to the nearest clothing store to try out new pieces before going to this summer.


Moreover, as we mentioned before, you should always make sure that you keep your outfits and clothes wrinkle-free.  If you have a tendency to leave your clothes lying in your wardrobe for too long, then they will naturally accumulate a number of creases and wrinkles. This also applies to hats made of flexible materials and fabrics like bucket hat wholesale. So, always make sure to iron them out before stepping out with them on for a professional look.


Also, always be cautious of the type of shoes that you decide to pair with your outfit. For instance, pairing sneakers with formal clothing is not a practical idea and also trying to wear formal shoes with casual jeans for example, is also a bad idea. You should always make sure that you do some shopping to account for both instances and that you select the right shoes to complement your outfits.


If you take these tips to heart then this summer you should well set to stand out amongst the crowd and show everyone juts how stylish you really are!