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Why Hats Do Not Cause Hair Loss

Jun. 29, 2021

Many people have this preconceived notion that wearing a hat can cause hair loss or even slow down hair growth but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that many people that you may see experiencing hair loss are wearing wholesale dad hatsfor example, to hide their thinning hair, but that doesn’t mean the it’s the actual cause of the problem.


Why Hats Do Not Cause Hair Loss

However, if you end up wearing an extremely tight hat everyday, then that could negatively affect your follicle health. But then again, most people wouldn’t be able to wear a tight hat long enough for it to cause his kind of hair damage. So, even if you are the type who likely to wear your hats a bit more snugly, it is unlikely to lead up to hair loss. In short, there are so many factors that lead up to hair loss, and wearing hats is not one of them. So, even if you do end up taking off your hat and notice some strands of hair, try not to get alarmed.


However, if you are looking for ideas on how to reduce the risk of thinning hair while wearing your hats, you should always make sure that you wear  hats that are well suited to fit your head shape. In this respect, you can always consider ordering some hat patches customthat are tailored to suit your personal size and style preferences too!


And while how tight a hat feels can vary from person to person, it should never leave any prominent marks or indentations on your forehand after taking them off. In this regard, before choosing new headwear making sure you have measured yourself and referred to a sizing chart. In other words, instead of solely depending on an old cap that you have worn for years, why not try purchasing something different or brand new like some bucket hat wholesale?!


What Does Cause Hair Loss?


#1. Genetics


One of the main culprits of hair loss is genetics as many researchers have managed to connect male baldness to inheriting genes that are tied to hair loss from either parents. The condition is often referred to as androgenetic alopecia, and it refers to when a man's hair begins to recent at their temples, thereby resulting in an M-shaped hairline. Moreover, this is something that can also be experienced in women as well, where they experience a widening of their center hair.


#2. Age


Hair loss is a common thing among older people because as we grow older our cells start to die off faster than they can regenerate. As a result, hair thinning is an unavoidable part of the ageing process. Moreover, as we get older we also begin to produce less oil in our scalps, which then naturally makes our hair weaker and more brittle. This then results in breakage, which only contributes to more hair loss over the long run.


#3. Poor Lifestyle Choices


There are also numerous habits that we carry out in our daily lives that can affect how our hair growth develops. For instance, some of the main causes of hair loss in most people include:


   Using unsafe styling products that contain chemicals that may be too harsh on your scalp.

   Over-treating one’s hair by conducting too many color treatments, perms, and other styling methods that require you to place an intense amount of heat to the hair. This often dries out your hair and can result in excessive hair loss in the long-term.

   Consuming medications that can encourage hair loss like high blood-pressure drugs and blood thinners.

   Tying your hair up too tightly is also another common cause of hair loss in many people, as tying your hair back in a bun or pony tail too tightly often leads to developing thin spots. Moreover, using hairstyles that involve excessive heat treatment like blow drying or straightening with an iron can also lead to hair damage.

   Excessive smoking is something else that has been tied to premature hair loss because of the types of toxins that cigarettes usually contain.

   Excessive stress is another factor that contributes to excess hair loss because it can often lead to a rise in hormones.

   Consuming a diet that does not provide you with sufficient nutrients that are required for natural hair follicle production, like iron, can often contribute to an increase in hair loss. You also have to keep in mind that too much Vitamin A is also another major contributor to hair loss.




As you can see there are various common causes of hair loss but what is clear is that wearing a hat does not contribute to that. So the next time you are worried that putting on a hat could end up making you lose hair, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because it does not!