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Dec. 23, 2019

what is a dad hat? You've heard of the dad hat. Yes, in fact, more than anything, you've probably read about how the dad hat is making a comeback. Except here's the thing. What is a dad hat from factory's view ?

If you have been paying attention to headwear in the fashion realm for the past two years or so, you will have noticed a rise in popularity of the dad hat.  Everyone from celebrities to high-schoolers seem to be wearing them nowadays.

Why is it called a dad hat? - From Factory's View

What is the dad hat definition? Simply put, a dad hat is a baseball cap (not a snapback hat, not flat bill) that doesn't have a constructured front lining inside it and is probably a little oversized on the wearer.

You can custom dad hat from HX caps factory. We have a great selection of custom baseball dad hats from a large numbers. Whether you're looking for a plain colored blank dad baseball hat or a custom designed dad hat, we have you covered.  We offer the ability to order custom embroidered dad hats, if you're just looking for a cool, low-profile unstructured baseball cap, then check out all the dad hats we have available.

How do you wear a dad hat?

The dad hat trend situation is funny. The "dad sneaker" trend made those chunky monstrosities your old man rocked the hottest footwear trend among fashionistas. Now, basic baseball caps that your pop probably favored are becoming the headgear of the moment.

You can wear dad hats when you are seaside , tourist or on the street. If you want to read more, please click here !

What's the difference between a dad hat and a baseball cap?

The question "dad hat vs baseball hat" is often asked! Do you ever get confused by the term "dad or baseball hat"? So What's the biggest difference between them From Factory's Point of View ? Well, here is a simple guide to help with your confusion.

The answer is the front lining. The dad hat is an unstructured type of baseball hat. The dad hat has not a front lining while the baseball hat does.

If you want to read more, please click here !

Why is it called a snapback hat?

Some people say that the snapbacks is a baseball cap with a wide flat bill. It draws its name from the fastener at the back of the cap which allows the wearer to adjust its size. The six panels that form the dome of a snapback hats are rigidly structured, meaning that it is more likely to retain its original shape if it is squashed or folded. This results in a high dome at the front, providing a larger available space for text and graphics.

The snapback is a cap with a flat brim. Sometimes we call it a snapback because it is fitted with an adjustable plastick snap on the back of the hat, which makes it 'one size fits all'.

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