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How to Make a Christmas Hat

Nov. 26, 2019

Enjoy the magic of the holiday season and learn how to make a christmas hat! Gather the supplies necessary to make a Santa hat, which include red and white felt or fabric, needle and thread, felt glue or low temperature, glue gun, white pompom or cotton, paper,Scissors, ruler, pencil.

Follow these directions to learn how to make a Christmas hat:

How do you make a Santa Claus hat?

Step 1. Make a paper triangle.Tie a pencil to a string.Draw an arc.Cut out.


1.1. The first step is to make a hat pattern from paper. Draw and cut a triangle with a base length and height of 13 inches.

1.2.Tape your triangle to a flat work surface. Tie a pencil to a string and stretch the string taut from the apex (or tip) of the triangle until the point of the pencil touches the midpoint of the triangle's base.

You'll find that it will make the next step much easier if you tape the string to the apex of the triangle as well.

1.3.While keeping the string taut, draw an arc spanning the two opposite sides of the triangle.

1.4.Cut the triangle following the arc. The resulting shape looks something like a slice of pie. This will be your elf hat pattern.

Step 2. Prepare a sheet of felt or fabric.Trace the pattern onto the fabric.Cut the fabric.Join the straight edges together.


2.1 Prepare a large sheet (at least 22 x 14 inches) of red felt. If you want a soft or droopy hat, use thin felt or a soft-type fabric such as velvet.

In case you don't have a large enough sheet of felt or fabric, you can use two smaller sheets. Each sheet should be the same size or a little larger than your hat pattern.

2.2 Align one side of your hat pattern along the folded edge of the fabric. Tape the pattern in place if you like. Trace the outline of the pattern onto the fabric.

If you are using two smaller felt or fabric sheets, trace the hat pattern onto each sheet.

2.3 While keeping the fabric folded, cut along the hat outline.

If you are working with two smaller fabric sheets, cut out the hat outline on each sheet.

2.4 Join the straight edges of the folded fabric by stitching them together or by gluing them together with felt glue or low temperature glue gun.

When working with two smaller sheets, stitch or glue the pair of hat cut-outs together along their two straight sides.

Turn the hat inside-out so that the stitches or the glued edges are concealed inside. You will also notice that you now have a cone-shaped fabric hat.

Step 3. Make a white felt band.Attach the band to the hat's base.Glue a white pompom.Wear the hat.

3.1 Cut out a 1½" to 2" wide band from white felt or fabric long enough to go around the base of the hat. If your felt sheet is not long enough, you can make two shorter strips then glue or stitch them together to make a longer band.

3.2 Stitch or glue the band at the base of the hat.

3.3 Glue or stitch a big white pompom at the tip of your Santa hat. If you don't have a pompom, you can roll a large chunk of cotton into a ball and glue it as a hot topper.

3.4 Finally, try on your Santa hat!

How to make a no sew santa hat?

Gather the supplies necessary to make a no sew Santa hat, which include paper plates,cotton balls, white school glue, stapler (optional), red paint, brush, scissors.

Step 1. Paint the paper plate in red. Let the pain dry before you continue.

Step 2. Cut the paper plate in half. One paper plate will yield 2 Santa hats.

Step 3. Make a cone out of the paper plate craft. You can either use glue (you will need to hold it together for a while for the glue to set) or you can use a stapler (not recommended for younger kids, adult supervision is always required).

Step 4. Now that you have your cone, apply a generous amount of glue to the top and press 1 cotton ball on the top. Allow the glue to dry a bit before you continue. Apply a generous amount of glue at the bottom of your cone, all the way round.

Step 5. Tear the cotton balls into strips and stick them onto the cone. Make sure you go all the way around. Let the glue set before putting on the head.