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What's good about beanie hat? About beanie hat with ball !

Jan. 21, 2019

Beanie Hat With Ball

In winter, furry things become the most irresistible item for every girl. This kind of cap looks like no other style three-dimensional, because the weight of the wool ball will make it look collapsed, but the moving wool ball is very moving, walking to look lovely.

If the beanie ball is not too heavy, the front looks like a triangle, there will be a little bit of prominence, it is recommended to choose a thinner style.

Or maybe there are some patterns on it, so that the visual area of the hat is concentrated on the top. For example, this star-studded style is a well-matched and not outdated design.

The style of beanie hat with ball can be beautiful without choosing the colour, because the wool ball itself has been very selective, the colour is easy to pick a little abrupt.

Black, white, grey and red, the classic color system, is easier to handle, and it is relatively easy to build clothes.

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