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How to Pick Winter Hats for Men

Jan. 25, 2021

How to Pick Winter Hats for Men


If you enjoy the cold season, then you know that its time for the right winter hat. However, just like you wouldnt wear the same trousers or shoes the entire cold season, you may want to have a few hat options to choose from. This is especially true if you will be frequenting different places during the winter season. As such, we decided to put together the different types of winter hats that men can choose from.


How to Pick Winter Hats for Men



Beanies are undoubtedly the most popular winter hats that are worn by both men and women everywhere. They are very versatile and extremely practical, as they can suit any outfit be it formal or casual, while also keeping you warm in the process. This makes them a highly-valued commodity, whether you are walking down the streets or taking it to the ski slopes this winter. Most of them are normally comprised of natural fabrics like cotton, wool or even cashmere. However, some are made up of synthetic materials like acrylic. Either way, these soft and cozy hats always offer a remarkable amount of warmth to the wearer. This is primarily because they are adjustable enough to be pulled quite close to the head, regardless of the head size in question.


You can also often style this type of hat with a comfortable flex or puffer jacket. Plus, you can also pair it with a cool pair of winter boots or favorite sneakers when heading out to handle your daily errands. In the event http you wardrobe is lacking the right outerwear you can always go online and purchase some custom jackets cheap to suit your stylish winter beanie.


Flat Caps


In recent times, the caps have seen a rapid increase in interest from the public, especially in the United Kingdom. One of the primary reasons is due to the popular British TV series Peaky Blinders, which has almost single-handedly carried the flat cap to mainstream fashion. It is also well-recognisable due to the low profile and small brim that it offers.


They are also primarily made using wool or cotton fabrics, which makes them a great choice to help you keep warm, during the chilly winter months. Moreover, they are an excellent way to ramp up your style points, as they offer a more sophisticated and gentleman look, as compared to the casual beanie. However, if you cant seem to find something that suits your personal preference, then don't worry. You can always simply pick out a custom made cap instead.


Crowned Hats


These hats usually include styles like the fedora, safaris, etc. They usually offer are rather sophisticated and polished look to any outfit. They are especially popular during the hot season, as most of the materials used to make them include; straw and other lightweight fabrics. However, other options are made of warmer fabrics, eg. wool, for example.  This mixed in with their wider brims, makes them an extremely important piece of headgear to add to your winter shopping list.


However, in terms of styling they are best worn when heading out to slightly more formal occasions. This is in contrast to beanies for example, which are often worn in more casual environments. Moreover, you can rock one of these crowned hats with a cozy knit sweater or cardigan in a minimal color or pattern, for a classy and understated look.


Aviator Hats


When the winter weather outside is looking crazy, then you will need something that offers extra warmth. In which case we suggest checking out the Aviator hat. For those unfamiliar, this hat is a common winter accessory that is worn in Russia and is also called an ushanka”. When translated that means, ear flap hat”, as it comes with two ear flaps on either side to protect you from chilly wind or frostbite. These flaps can also be either left to hang down or folded up if preferred.


Moreover, most of these hats are often made of real animal products eg. sheepskin or mink. However, if you prefer to go cruelty-free or simply want something more affordable, then you can always opt for the synthetic versions, eg. faux fur. However, due to their rather eccentric design, they are mostly a functional headpiece that is worn for warmth and not for fashion. The benefit of these hats though, is that they are perfect for the little ones as well. So, if you are looking for some custom baby hats, then this is something to consider, especially for the winter.


Style Tips


Now that you know which types of hats are best for the winter season, here are a few tips to consider when styling your winter outfit.


     Try New Things


One of the main things you should always do is to try out new styles, colors and designs. After all, juts because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t opt to wear hats with brighter colors, such as orange, red, yellow, blue, etc.


     Tone It Down


If you plan on wearing a formal winter hat like a fedora or flat cap, then its always best to opt for darker hues instead. This includes more muted colors such as camel, black, grey, navy, etc. However, you can still always add some color to your outfit with a colorful scarf, necktie or shirt, for example.