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How Do I Properly And Safely Package A Hat For Shipping?

Mar. 06, 2021

How Do I Properly And Safely Package A Hat For Shipping?


It’s no secret that if you’re a budding entrepreneur or starting a brand, you may have some merchandise or products that you would like to ship out. And among those products you may be wanting to ship out is hats. However, it’s a fact that there are many different varieties and each of them are shaped differently. So, what is the best way to package them without them ending up crumpled or damaged in transit?


Any business owner, especially those who may sell custom baseball hat, for example, have a responsibility to always deliver a quality product to the recipient. And while there often can be unpredictable hurdles while in transit, you should always do your best to safely store the package in question. So, we decided to dive into how you can accomplish this depending on what hat you intend to send out. After all, there are so many different styles and shapes eg. fedoras, bucket hats, flat caps, etc. Plus, each of them comes in several different fabrics eg. cotton, polyester, etc. So, some materials are easy to package, as compared to others. However, some varieties like straw hats can break or crack if mishandled or packaged incorrectly.

How Do I Properly And Safely Package A Hat For Shipping?cid=476

Cotton or Synthetic


Most baseball hats or any other varieties that are made of cotton, like beanies, for example, are normally simple to package and ship out. This is because they can be folded or placed flatly in a small package without any extra cushioning material. This includes shipping out bulk packages like custom bucket hats, for instance. However, if you were dealing with a fedora, for example, this will need more careful packing to avoid any bending or pressing on the wide-brim. Moreover, if you are sending out a vintage item, you should always take extra care, as older baseball caps, for example, were often made using cardboard. As a result, they can end up being damaged quite easily if mishandled.




When dealing with wool hats, the packaging process often depends on the size of the brim. For instance, if the headpiece in question is just a beanie, then packaging it into a small box with some soft paper will suffice. You should also consider the fact that using newspaper as wrapping material, can be a bad decision. This is because the ink could seep onto the hat, especially if it’s made of bright material, for example. However, if the wool hat is wide or has some extra details eg. feathers, then keeping them from being crushed, crumpled or wrinkled takes priority. In that case, it’s recommended that you utilize a good amount of packing paper to secure it.


Straw Hats


If you are intending to package a straw hat, then it is vital that you take into account the overall durability and material, to better ensure that it does not break in transit. There are those straw hats that have been treated to be bendable. And even some are foldable no matter the pressure, allowing them to be able to retain their original shape. However, even if it's label says that it can bend, it is always best to test and determine for yourself if it may end up cracking. Moreover, its best not to try squeezing it into a box that is too small for it either.


You should also consider that if the hat has any embellishments. For example, rhinestones or extra decorations, as they could end up damaged. Its best in these cases to utilize bubble wrap or a large bubble bag to give the hat enough cushioning from any hard impact.


Leather Hats


Leather is a premium and durable material that can generally bend easily. However, if the hat is left in that position for too long, it can end up with wrinkles, which can often frustrate buyers, especially if they havent even worm the hat yet. In other words, the leather hat can end up being unusable. To prevent this, you can apply some leather protection spray. This usually keeps your material safe from wrinkles or even moisture. When it comes to packaging, you can simply just pack it in some neat wrapping paper and youre good to go.



There are so many different varieties of hats to choose from and all of them come in their own shapes and sizes. So, figuring out the best way to ship them out can be a daunting task. However, this article should give you some idea of the dos and donts. It will also help you ensure that your item arrives at its destination in prime condition. Additionally, there is one universal rule that you can take away from this and that applies to all hats. And that is you should never try to squeeze a hat into a box that is too small for it, its not worth the risk of damage.