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Best Men’s Hats To Wear Out On Any Occasion

Jun. 30, 2021

The hat game can sometimes be a tough place to get comfortable in but these days, you can’t call yourself stylish if you don’t at least have one or two of these in your wardrobe somewhere. And the good thing about these types of hats is that there is always one for every occasion. There are a wide variety of acts available for any kind of casual or formal occasions, be it for cycling, weddings, visiting the beach, hiking, etc. And considering how summer is often the season for going out to various events, it’s only natural to want to know which one is the right one to wear.


However, this can sometimes be a big challenge, especially for the inexperienced, so we’re going to put together a quick list of our favorite picks that we believe you should add to your closet, if you haven’t already.

Best Men’s Hats To Wear Out On Any Occasion


#1. Panama


The panama hat originally comes from Ecuador and is typically both light in weight and also in its hues as well.  The hat is also sturdy in construction and highly breathable, which makes it one of the best and most stylish hats to wear in the summer. In terms of styling, since it is generally a summer and spring-time accessory, it tends to blend very well with casual seasonal wear like denims, white shirts, etc. Alternatively, you can always go urban by getting yourself some dad hats wholesale too!

#2. Bucket


The bucket hat made a huge return in recent years, making it one of the most popular hat choice for those who are looking to take their casual attire up to a new level. It is a stylish accessory that either be dressed up or down and if you happen to have a bucket with designer or customized branding, then it makes an even stronger statement. It also an excellent choice for head protection during the hot summer months, making it an excellent accessory to pair with your outfits to music festivals, for example.


#3. Pork Pie


The pork pie hat is another deserving addition to this list and is probably more well-known for being worn by Walter White (aka Heisenberg) from the TV series Breaking Bad. It is actually very close in design to the fedora, as they tend to come with flat crowns, and brims that slightly curl upward. They are usually best paired with suits or any smart casual outfits. For instance, you can style these hats with a navy blue blazer, a nice shirt and some khaki trousers.



#4. Baseball Cap


The baseball cap is the most popular hat style in the world and for good reason. It used to be a sports uniform staple in the mid 1800s and was actually not considered to be socially acceptable for casual wear until the late 70s. They were originally worn by the New York Knickerbockers baseball team, and used to be made up of straw util they inevitably introduced wool. It can be said that the large publicity garnered by the sport ended up contributing to the acceptability of the baseball cap by the mainstream public.


It has then withstood the test of time due to the fact that it can be worn with almost anything and due to the fact that it is very customizable. In most cases, we would suggest choosing something with a subtle and/or plain hue like black, white, brown, etc. On the other hand, if you find that the baseball hat doesn’t provide you with sufficient breathability, then yo can always go for some wholesale trucker hatsinstead, as they come with mesh panelling at the back that provides diffident airflow on those hot summer days.



#5. Trilby


The Trilby hat comes with a low angle brim and tends to offer a retro vibe to any wearer and in some circles, it is actually considered the most stylish hat for men. If you aren’t very familiar with it, you might recognize seeing it being worn by Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Moreover, artists like Bruno Mars have a deep appreciation for this hat, having worn it almost everywhere he goes.


And despite the fact that many may think that this hat is difficult to pull off, it is actually one of the best headwear pieces for men. If you happen to come across a trilby that comes in the right shape, fit and proportions, then don’t hesitate to get it!


#6. Dad Hat


The dad hat is a must-have for any stylish fashionista and in recent years, this hat has grown in popularity due to its visibly relaxed fit. And while it may still not be as popular as the baseball cap, it is still one of the top choices for urban streetwear alongside wholesale snapback hats.


In terms of the differences between baseball hats and dad hats, this hat comes with a slightly shorter brim and the fit is often more relaxed due to the fact that manufacturers will usually use less stiffer and more softer materials. They also tend to come with longer pull cords at the back and are often customizable with a logo on the front.