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The Song meng,Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd. industry designer. Advocating individuality, freedom, and pure color, injected fashion, fresh energy to the fashion industry, is a new direction of the future of the new design style. To art, culture and other diverse factors into design, drawing sharp and rich inspiration..

Fashion is a term, which is referred to as a state of mind. This word comes from Latin word, which means, "to make." Fashion is most commonly associated with clothing, but it even applies to anything from interior architecture, to models of toys. It is a spirit, where an individual is comfortable with his mode of clothing and converts this comfort into a personal style. It is a way of measuring a mood that can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. Perhaps the most distinctive quality about the fashion since the early times is that it is increasing in simplicity.

Each season does bring into fashion a particular color and style. The trend of the sixties and seventies are in, with the gypsy style being a preference. Fashion is not just limited to female fraternity even men have been taken over by the fashion world. They have become more conscious of what is in and what is not. They pay more attention to their appearance than hey did earlier. Children are also aware and prefer to wear what is in fashion. While seasons are a major contributory factor, the glamour world of modeling and acting are the actual fashion leaders. Fashion houses endorse the latest trends through the media. So to know what`s happening and what`s not, you need to keep a keen watch on what models and actors are wearing, what kind of make up do they have on and even their hair-do depends on the present fashion trend.

Name: Song meng
Position: designer
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Instagram: designer_amumu
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Graduate School: Shenyang luxun academy of fine arts

Design concept: create surprise in the flat, do our best for every customer supremely well and matching.

Fashion is not only a kind of appearance, or an inner, popular may not be suitable for you, but according to their own characteristics to dress up yourself, you belong to that kind, mature, lady, or simple and natural, or pure, or movement, a fact that can all be fashionable.

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